Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Apples, Pears and Cinnamon…Oh My!

So its been awhile since I have been able to sit down and blog. Its been busy around here to say the least…other blog posts to come will detail our lives lately. So one of the fun things we have been doing now that the little senor is 6 months old is starting solids. Now you may be wondering how a person can get excited about eating solid foods but in our household it means that the little guy is one step closer to becoming a self sufficient little dude..ok, so that might be a slight exaggeration but true :)

As soon as my mom found out we were pregnant last year, she was dying to buy us a baby cooker. More specifically, the Beaba. I have to say, I thought it was quite the marketing piece…an expensive babycooker. What was wrong with the good ol' stove and food processor??? Anyhow, since my mom was so dead set on getting us the Beaba…we said sure and for Christmas this year we got one. Being my mom, not only did we get the babycooker we also got the BPA free food storage containers and the Top 100 Baby Purees book to name a few. Since then, this set of baby food making supplies has been looking at me for the past 4 months. During this time thoughts of panic were swirling around. Was I really going to make my own baby food? Would it taste good? Was I finally becoming domesticated? Would Amazon take this back? Wouldn't it be easier just to buy food? Ahhh! What to do, what to do…with each passing day, I was one step closer to having to answer these questions...

Nonetheless, the inevitable happened. The dude celebrated his half birthday and was ready to begin the world of food. To continue the postponing of the making of food, we started him on bananas. Super easy. All you have to do is scrap some banana onto a spoon and you have instant baby food. We did this with steamed sweet potatoes, avocados and pears. Life was good! Baby was on solids and I had yet to take the Beaba out of the box. After a couple weeks of this, I knew it was time. The little guy needed a puree…

With a lot of encouragement from the hubs…we whipped out the Beaba and the baby food making began. Truth be told, on this same day my love affair with this machine began as well. I cracked open the Top 100 Baby Purees. First up, pear compote. Peel the pear, cut it into a few pieces without the seeds and put it into the basket to steam. 15 minutes later dump steamed pears into the food processor part and add in some water and VOILA! Pear compote complete! Yes! First puree under my belt.

Now it was time for the test…what would the dude think. So we set him into his high chair, bib on and in the spoon went. Would he spit it out? Would he cry? Success, the little guy loved it! Granted 50% of the food ends up all over him but he was smiling and trying to shove the spoon into his mouth. Since then we have added sweet potatoes and apples with cinnamon into our baby food repertoire. Today I am blending in broccoli with the sweet potatoes and pears with the cinnamon apples.

So contrary to popular belief…I am having a blast making baby food. Its fun and it tastes great. I kinda wish I had a Beaba before we had the baby. It makes the perfect serving of fresh applesauce or sweet potato casserole for dinner so easy. So at the end of the day I say...Apples, Pears and Cinnamon…Oh YES!
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