Friday, June 24, 2011


Yes, thats me yelling UNCLE and holding up the white truce flag. Why you might ask? Well, for awhile here its been fairly easy hanging with the little guy, running errands, going places as long as it was between the baby business hours of 8am-4pm. As of late, thats all changed and I think I have lost every shred of dignity that was lingering around me. How so? Everything was manageable prior to the dude learning how to crawl.That was only a mere month ago at the ripe age of 6.5 months. I know some people are really impressed with this, but while its nice to check off a new skill learned…its a game changer. Now, that he is able to use his legs, his new hobby has been crawling up mom at all times. No, he cannot be still like most babies. In his mind, why not crawl up moms love handles while pulling down her shirt, stick a finger up her nose and pull out her hair and maybe having a foot slip down her shirt. Fun right??? You betcha!!! Especially while trying to have a meaningful conversation with someone. Everyone always says…awww how cute…boys will be boys….Ahhhhhh!!!! I always thought I would be one of those put together mamas looking cute all the time with my sweet boy attached to my side. Ha! I do have a sweet boy that I love to death but about me being put together…not even close! As of late, Im lucky if I come home resembling the person that left the house the house earlier that morning. Lets just say mirrors are not my friends.

One would also think that by learning how to crawl that this would be enough for the dude for a LONG while…nope!!!! As soon as he mastered getting his crawl on, then came the crawl to sit, the sit to knee pull-up, the full on pull-up and now attempting to walk last night…WHY???? I am not going to lie here…its really neat to watch how excited he gets about how mobile he is getting, but I would be totally, totally, totally fine with him waiting to walk for another 6 months at the minimum. I mean for goodness sakes, there is no need to rush here. Anyhow, back to the topic at hand. Why am I yelling UNCLE at the top of my lungs??? Well, after thinking that his crazy busy behavior was a small passing phase, I have learned that it is not. I kept thinking that if I just continued on with my life the way it has been, going out to our favorite restaurants, shops and so on…he would just adjust, hang out and chill. No! He always wants to be on the move and yabbering at the top of his lungs. This is where a small problem comes in…while I am not any where close to be a germophobe…all floors are not suitable for crawling even by my standards. So what do you do in this sort of situation. I give in advance. For example, I have been looking forward to going to Miss California for months now to see friends, meet up with my other Miss CA has beens and most importantly see my little sis give up her title, but I feel like if I cry UNCLE in advance I just may be saving myself from disaster. Can you imagine getting all dressed up, hair done and then taking the little guy with me to the pre-pageant reception and then having him pull my hair out, fingers up nose, foot down dress and throwing the nursing cover off??? I can…and thats where my last remaining shreds of dignity will be lost. Like everything, this too shall pass but I think I rather have it pass in the comfort of my own!

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