Thursday, December 1, 2011

Six in One, Half a Dozen in the Other

Ok, so you all know I struggled with the identity crisis of not going back to work for so many months. It took me forever and a day to say I was a stay at home mom with a smile. I would internally cringe for the longest time when people would say "oh, how nice for you…you get to stay at home with your baby." I mean, yes it was and is nice but I always wanted to say…"I'm staying at home because my kid doesn't take a bottle." Would it change anything if I did say something? Nope! Who knows why I was never comfortable being a mommy of leisure during the day, but just as I have started to become comfortable with the idea…the potential for change is on the horizon.

So here I am with a kiddo who is just about a year and a potential job opportunity has come my way. The interview process has been nice. Why you might ask? Well getting dressed in professional clothes…ok, maybe its just some chinos and a striped shirt..but professional in comparison to my workout clothes and shorts and tanks I have been sporting for almost the last year. LOL! Each interview has felt like a mini-therapy session. Why you might ask? Well, I spend so much of my day talking with other moms about how solid food eating is going, new lotions for eczema that have come out and teething that talking about marketing strategies, branding and other like subjects for a couple hours made me feel like a new person. I came out of each and every interview with a cheesier grin. The hubs thought that maybe this company offered me the position on the spot thus causing the cheshire cat grin. So he asked…how was it? All giddy like a school girl, I said it was awesome. He asked…did they hire you? Not that I am aware of I said. Then he asked…why the silly grin? And with I chuckle I explained that for the first time in almost a year, I feel like there was another part of me people were interested in talking to other than the mommy me. This is where it gets interesting. So as I have progressed through the job interviewing process, the dread of going back to work continued to grow. What would happen to my little guy during the day? Would he be happy without me? Would he survive? Would I survive?

Go figure, that the grass is always greener on the other side. When you you stay at home, you have work envy. When you go back to work, you have stay at home mommy envy. For now, for this cow…the grass is greener right here with my little man.

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