Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What a Difference 7 Days Makes...

I am finally starting to come out of my haze of "toddlerhood." By no means are we out of being a toddler, I just am starting to catch my breath from moving, remodeling and chasing this little dude around all day. MANY more blog posts to come soon. Earlier this week, I was downloading the last couple months of pictures and I realized what a difference 7 days can make…check it out:
The little senor in rare form…sleeping in his way cool Orbit Stroller on the Miss California stage. I parked him while we were waiting to take a former Miss Californias picture with our newest "has-been" member, Noelle Freeman (Miss CA 2011) and the freshly crowned Miss California 2012 Leah Cecil :) Seven days later…
The dude snoozing after a long hike while we were camping in Lake Almanor. Very rare form for anyone who knows my sweet, little terror snoozing in two pictures. Fun blog posts to come…STAY TUNED!


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