Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baby Must Haves Part 1

ok...so I have never spent a lot of time around infants, thus the past few months have been a HUGE learning curve. Some baby must haves that I have learned a new mom needs include:

Mylicon: A great gas cure
Colic Calm: A more organic way to get your baby to pass gas

*Never have I been so excited for a man to pass gas...yes a peaceful gas passing has been exciting news for me the past month

Destin: Diaper Rash solver
A and D ointment: to help prevent diaper rash

For the time before cloth diapering begins...Pampers Swaddlers SENSITIVE is a must. I learned the hard way that the dry max causes some serious diaper rash which then causes some SERIOUS discomfort. OK…so we keep trying the cute cloth diapers but this little guy needs to seriously put some chub chub on his legs still…so for now we have gone with compostable diapers Seventh Generation. Awesome!

A Wiper Warmer: I totally thought this was such a joke but every mom of a baby boy swore by this. In good faith I set it next to the changing table but did not plug it in. I think after the 20th time of getting pee'd on I thought maybe I should try this thing…fancy enough…haven't been pee'd on since :)

The latest and greatest...NoseFrida, the Snotsucker

So after stalking several Whole Foods for "Frida" as I more commonly refer to her, I finally have my own. Yes, she is now my prize possession as gross as she is. After several nasal aspirators that didnt work and some serious panics to a few other new moms, she came highly recommended. So what is this thing? You put a little saline solution up the little mans nose and then you take frida and suck the snot out. See pic below. My husband swears I LOVE this thing, but who really loves a snotsucker that you have to change the filter on. This contraption has made me feel like I broke the barrier into mommyhood. I get excited to suck boogers out of my son's nose. I feel like such a warrior when I get some really good ones out too! Wow! Life has changed!


  1. OMgosh Veena that nose sucker thing is AWESOME. I have an electric one but the nose scares Jackson to death. The music it plays is hardly a distraction. Its like the picture on the ceiling at the dentist. NOT taking my attention off the mouth invasion currently happening! lol...

    ps. you are an amazing mom!

  2. I second the amazing mom comment!