Thursday, December 16, 2010


Everyone is totally different. Some people are in love with being pregnant, others simply hate it and then there are those of us impatiently waiting until we can share the good news and get that oh-so-fabulous pregnancy glow...That's me! Week 9 and 10 are a beast. I honestly don't know if I could sleep any more (at least 10 hours per night), workout any more and eat any healthier and yet I am still cant shake these 7 pounds pregnancy has brought to my boobs and belly. I look like a really happy newlywed who has let myself go...We havent really told very many people we are expecting but I guess the tiredness gives it away. Last night I stopped by Junior League, far too tired to stay the whole time, and a good friend of mine said "wow, you look really tired...are you pregnant?" Bingo! Wow! I was super impressed with that. I am oh so not-so-patiently waiting for that "glow"

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