Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Gummy Bear

So we went in for another look at the mini-crownholm. Its crazy to think that just a few weeks ago it was the size of a pin prick ( we nicknamed it "the prick") and now it looks like a gummy bear/turtle. Its absolutely amazing to see your baby growing inside of you but seriously hard to keep a straight face as they show you the ultra sound. I think my husband asked the doctor if our baby was supposed to look like a was the funniest thing I have ever heard. Now we are anxiously awaiting the next, next appointment so we can find out what the mini-Crownholm is going to be.

In the meantime...I have kept myself extra busy with the online gender prediction/wives tales. I took the Chinese Gender predictor and from the looks of it we are having a girl. Next, I moved on to the necklace with the pendant trick. It went in circles over my wrist but the husband is convinced that subconsciously I am doing that since I think we are having a girl. Here are some other ones I have tried out:

1) Carrying a baby high is a girl, low is a boy

2) A boy’s heart rate will be under 140, a girl’s is over.
3) Take a necklace with a pendant and hold it over your hand, a circle is a girl and back and forth is a boy.
4) Craving something sweet is a girl, sour is a boy.
5) Early morning sickness means it’ll be a girl
6)You sleep with the pillow to the north it’ll be a boy, to the south will be a girl
7) If your husband/significant other puts on weight it will be a girl.
8) If your feet are colder now you’ll be having a boy.
9) Your urine is bright yellow means you’ll have a boy.
10) If your nose is spreading during the pregnancy it’ll be a boy, stays the same it’s a girl.
11) If you look like a basketball it will be a boy, if you look like a watermellon you are having a girl
12) craving fruit is a girl, craving meat is a good sign to having a boy.
13) If you have scrawny looking hair, it’ll be a girl. Luscious hair is a boy.

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