Thursday, December 16, 2010

Post Partum Planning....Oy!

Its totally crazy...just as you are getting excited about having a have to start thinking about all the wonderfulness after birthing the little munchkin. Its been quite the learning curve and I have to say there really has not been anything too attractive about it. What I have learned:

1) You should bring your breast pump to the hospital with you so the lactation nurse (yes, there is such a thing) can teach how to use it. I thought it was totally self explanatory until I bought mine. I got the Medela Swing and Style...right, a stylish breast pump. Really?!?!? There are more parts and pieces that I every thought. And what can be stylish about a breast pump????

2)Nursing tanks come in all kinds of styles and methods and honestly can be really difficult to decipher how they work exactly. These suckers should come with an instruction manual.
Word to the preggo mamma: Even though these wonderful nursing tanks claim to be extra long and can be worn in the last tri-mester for comfort..DON'T! Yes they are comfy but no...the belly still hangs out of the bottom. So not attractive. In my arsenal, I have some from Glamourmom, Bravado, Motherhood Maternity and Pea in a Pod. I will let you know what I think in a few months

3) Nursing Bras...didnt think anything of it until my wonderful husband pulled them out of the package and was like "What are these things?!?!" I never even thought about how unattractive these things were although they were made by Le Mystere and Bella Materna. I mean Nordstroms sellls them so they really cant be that bad right. I would take a picture but that just seems wrong.

4)Belly Bandit: After birth, this belly band made of bamboo is supposed to help everything go back to its original place and support your shrinking uterus. What my uterus needs support?!?! Oy vay, I have a lot to learn...

I have not even had the little guy yet and already I feel pressure to lose all this baby weight. Post partum, I am not sure I will ever be ready to face you

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