Thursday, December 16, 2010

Life Lately

So somewhere in between my blogging, life took off on a fast track. Lots of incredible things have happened and then some other things happened. As I start to look back, they have all been good things in hind sight...just sometimes hard to deal with in the moment. Lets see...lets start with the fun stuff:

1)We found out we are having a baby boy!!!! Yeah!!! He still remains nameless to this we will fondly refer to him as the "little dude" or "little mr. crownholm."

2)We went on a fabulous road trip/camping trip through Oregon and had the best time ever. The timing couldnt have been better to go on the trip because I found my new favorite item to crave but I cant find it anywhere here...Tillamook ice cream. Its a must have...seriously!!!!

3) We set up the nursery and got the little guy all outfitted

4) Went to Fresno, to see my "baby" sis compete at Miss California :) She won and now the little mr. has a pretty famous aunt!! He is so excited to meet her!

The "other" stuff:
Muze T-shirt from my cousin
I got my appendix out at 4 1/2 months preggers. I would say it was really scary except for the fact that I didnt even get time to do internet research and so on. I woke up one Friday morning to go to the gym before work and I was burning up. You know you are the only one with a temperature problem when you look at the Alaskan Malamute and he looks at you like you are crazy for being hot...then I started to feel cramping in the right side of my abdomen. I started to panic because I thought I was having a late miscarriage, which is really hard to think about after you just found out the sex of your baby. So i called my OB and they said...nope you are definitely not having a miscarriage...PHEW! They recommended I call my primary care doctor to see what was up. So off to the nurse practitioner I went...she was very sweet and awesome! She wrote me up a bunch of papers to take over to John Muir to have them run some tests later that day. She said it may be your appendix but probably not, so for peace of mind this weekend just head over to the hospital before you get home from work. Cool! So back to work I went...emailed the hubby and said I was stopping to have some tests done on my way home and then we would be off to celebrating our 1st anniversary. Well...I stopped at the hospital, they saw me right away, ran some blood tests and an ultrasound of the appendix. It was so fast for the ER, I really thought that they gave preference to pregnant women. Haha...nope! I learned later what could happen if your appendix bursts...its some serious business. Long story short....the hubs left the antepartum ward, where the the little dude and I were being watched, at 9pm to catch some Zzzzs and hang with the goons. Well, at 9:30ish my blood pressure plummeted and the pain went sky high. But since I wasnt screaming or crying yet, the docs werent convinced I needed my "appendage" out yet. So they strongly suggested I finally take some pain meds and 10mg of ambien and then they would assess if the little appendage needed to be taken out. The TV was turned off and drugs were taken....a couple hours later I was still wide awake and in pain. Finally at 2am, the docs came in to tell me I was having surgery as a precautionary measure. At 5am, I woke up footloose and appendix free....WOOHOO! The hubs was there bright and early to celebrate our first anniversary in a hospital bed at John Muir :)

he aftermath of having an appendix out laparoscopically while pregnant

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